Nike "Going to School"


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Nike "Going to School"

If your from Canada you might remember this commercial, it quickly become one of my favourite commercials of all time. It is just this normal girl with a pair of shox on. but on her way to school she never touches the ground, I have a link to the video at the bottom so even americans can see it and I suggest they do. This music in this commercial fits it like a glove,i think it's an in house production but i'm not entirely sure, if any one has an mp3 rip of it that would be awesome. It aired about August 2002, fittingly just before school starts. I must have wathed the commercial over 100 times in the last two days, it was filmed in Toronto and stars just a seemingly normal girl.
I've been looking for this one too! Have you had any luck since you posted?
Wow, I thought this was a lost cause. It seems to me that this is an original composition, but I don't know for sure and would like to know.
wow, that music is amazing
I'd love to know what it is.
I'll get on it.