Zellers Back to School


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ive been going crazy over a song used in the new zellers back to school commercial
its a punk rock song and it sounds like female vocals
the commercials about some kids making the zellers logo out of school supplies
help. please.
I've been trying to find that one too. It's the ad where the kids are making a big rainbow Zellers logo in a field using back-to-school items. Some of the words I heard were, "Come and get what you came for" and something about a "rock and roll band"

Thanks in advance!
isn't it amazing???

Skye Sweetnam - Sugar Guitar

Here's a Harry Potter compilation with the song:
the song is called : Come and get what you came... the leader singer's name is melissa and i don't remember the name of the band but i can get it for you... my friend Ian is best friend's with the lead singer Melissa... i have the full version on my laptop... i can't remember but i believe the group is no longer together.. i'll ask if they put that song out or not.