1. T

    Nike Air Jordan "No Quit"

    What's the music in this trailer?
  2. C

    Nike Kobe Bryant Chinese "Don't Love Me Hate Me 恨我别爱我"

    Nike Kobe Bryant Chinese "Don't Love Me Hate Me 恨我别爱我" Nice track. Any ideas?
  3. J

    Nike Basketball "Together" LeBron James

    What's up, I'm new here. I've been looking for the song behind this commercial ever since it released. Here it is So far, I've been able to find Like Home by Trent Reznor, but it does not sound like the exact song used. The notes are actually almost completely different. If you guys could...
  4. T

    Nike Air Jordan 2

    The commercial is known as Rock a Baby. There are two versions, the other version with beatboxing. I linked the version with the music I'm trying to find. Thanks
  5. J

    Nike Air Jordan "Re2pect"

    What is the song used in the new Air Jordan "Re2pect" commercial that pays its respect to Derek Jeter. Here is the video.
  6. S

    Nike "No Cup Is Safe" Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy

    Really hoping someone can come to the rescue and help me out here. I could swear I've heard the tune before, but for the life of me I don't know who it is or what the name of the song is in the new Nike commercial. Hope someone can help me out! Thanks! -Steve
  7. N

    Nike "Find Your Greatness"

    Does anyone know what the score is throughout the commercial? Thanks!
  8. M

    Nike Kobe VII System "Adaptation"

    Anyone knows this score? thanks
  9. S

    Air Jordan Melo M8 Carmelo Anthony at Pier 54 in NYC

    Nike released a promotional video for Carmelo Anthony's new Jordan Melo M8. Awesome tune. I've contacted media.relations(at) and hope for a reply but am wondering if anyone here might recognize it.
  10. Mr. Perfect

    Nike "Basketball Never Stops"

    Does anyone know the name of the song in this Nike ad? The sample is a good minute and a half long, but there aren't any lyrics to look up.
  11. jage

    Nike T90 Laser IV football

    Hey guys, The latest Nike advert which you can see here: Amon Tobin "Esther's" in Nike football ad airing now on Vimeo) features a track called "Esther's" by Amon Tobin (who's awesome). Here's the iTunes link for those of you that like it: "Esther's" by Amon Tobin
  12. A

    Nike Free Yourself

    Nike is now using one of my all-time favorite songs in their new FREE YOURSELF campaign Nobody but me by The Human Beinz It was also featured in The Office opening dance number last season and in Kill Bill
  13. C

    Nike car jumper Chris Bryant

    I really need to know the song in the background of this commercial. Please someone help me. I need to use it in a project this weekend. They say a couple of words but all I can make out is "what you going to do" and I think at the end they say go long, go long. The commercial is about a kid...
  14. N

    Nike Force Fate

    who ever can tell me the song in the background you will be in my good books for ever its killing me such a nice pump up song. and not this is not the one with that song by TV on the Radio similar commercial though. plz and thank you will be greatly appreciated.
  15. J

    Nike Football "The Chance"

    I Would like to know the song of this video
  16. J

    Nike "Maybe You Should Rise" Michael Jordan LeBron James mashup

    does anyone know what song goes off when jordan is talking?
  17. L

    Nike Lebron James "Rise"

    What's the music at 0:56 (miami vice part)? Is it from the actual show? Thanks!
  18. R

    Nike Team Canada 2010 Olympics "Force Fate"

    Does anyone know the name of the song in this commercial? The one with Dion Phaneuf and Jerome Iginla and the wolves on the ice? That commercial sends chills through my veins, especially when we won!
  19. B

    Nike "Boom" Rick Ross

    Does anyone recognize this beat?
  20. N

    Nike Air Jordan "Maybe"

    Hey all. I've been searching for the tunes in the follow commercials for YEARS (literally), and my lack of results has lead me here. I'm looking for the tunes/artists who composed the music in the following Jordan Brand Commercials (by Nike). 1) "Maybe"- Any help (intuition or fact) would...