Mercedes-Benz "Falling in Love Again"


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Mercedes-Benz "Falling in Love Again"

came across an old mercedes ad today. all B/W. with the song
(sung by a male)

Falling in love again
Never wanted to
What am I to do
I can't help it

Love's always been my game
Play it how I may
I was made that way
Can't help it

The an end with "Love"(or passion?) and the mercedes logo...
I know the song has been sung by many, but anybody know who
sung this particular version.
The ad is more than a year old, and I just found this "khazaana" of a
web site, so please pardon this newtimer
The name of the song is Falling In Love Again, but a few people did copies of it. Linda Ronstadt, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, and Sammy Lerner/Frederick Hollander.

I don't know which one you need because I've never seen the commercial, but at least you know the name. Happy hunting!
Old Mercedes Ad c. 1997-8

In the late 90s, there was a long Mercedes ad that highlighted the company's place in history with a bunch of old-timey footage of the car. The ad was slightly nostalgiac and sentimental and featured a song that sounded like it was being sung by a bunch of soldiers or workers. If I remember right, it ended with a romantic B&W shot of two people in a convertible.

It was in heavy rotation for a while and I know for sure it was on the VHS of Liar, Liar and The Mummy. Does anyone remember the ad I'm talking about? Or, even better, know the song?