1. Lmo

    Mercedes-Benz 2020 Summer Event "Benz Time"

    Hi all, it has been some time but I hope maybe the admin can help me with this song at the end of the commercial. It is dance genre and I would love to figure out who sings it and the remix played in the commercial if it isn’t already the original. Thanks to anyone who responds. I will try to...
  2. N

    Mercedes-Benz 2015 GLA "100%"

    Anybody know this one?
  3. C

    2013 Mercedes-Benz Summer Event "Heat"

    Does anyone know this music? Thanks.
  4. M

    2013 Mercedes Benz C-Class "Bank"

    Anyone recognize the background on this one I suppose it could be from a music factory?
  5. R

    2012 Mercedes-Benz Summer Event

    Your help is much appreciated!
  6. A

    Mercedes-Benz C Class "C Metaphors"

    Please does somebody know the name of this beautiful song?
  7. D

    Mercedes-Benz "Invisible Car"

    Does anyone knows the song?
  8. X

    2009 Mercedes-Benz S Class

    Hi, After hearing this song and loving it. I would like to know what the name is. Hope you can help out. - Xalion
  9. C

    2012 Mercedes-Benz 250 Sedan

    What band is it? The car is spinning around in video.
  10. P

    The Silver Arrows at Mercedes-Benz World

    anyone know the song? Yes, i've tried, possibly quite poorly, at looking up the lyrics. No cigar. Thanks.
  11. D

    Mercedes-Benz black and white

    in this commericial, a Benz either pulls up to a building with a lot of steps in front of it or is already in front of the building--the car is black, and there is a wonderful piece of music--classical in tone I would say. The commercial ends with a shot of the side of the vehicle... the music...
  12. fatty69

    Mercedes-Benz Summer Event 2010 E350 Sport Sedan

    does anyone know the music playing in the background of this brand new commercial from mercedes benz? its the commercial were it says this is our swimming pool, this is our slip n slide. basically its like there quality assurance tests compared to summer time activities. It sounds like strings...
  13. S

    Mercedes-Benz "Performance"

    anyone know what music bed this is? thanks
  14. D

    Mercedes-Benz 2007 S-Class Sedan

    Can anyone identify this luxury piece of music from MB?
  15. A

    2010 Mercedes-Benz E Class

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help identify the song or a song similar to the one playing in the background of this commercial (I just saw it on TV tonight). I tried googling, but it got really messy fast, and there are no lyrics to help :(. If anyone knows the slightest detail, I would...
  16. P

    2010 Mercedes-Benz C Class

    Any ideas what the music is playing in the commercial for the 2010 Mercedes C Class, where an orange test car is rolling, and the spokesman is talking about the strength of the steel used to make the frame. The tune is a simple xylophone tune, any ideas if its from an actual song?
  17. T

    Mercedes-Benz Santa "Factory"

    I was just watching the Colbert Report and I saw a new Mercedes Benz commercial featuring Santa Claus. It started off as a simple piano piece but progressed into a Christmas-y type of song. Does anyone happen to know what the song is?
  18. R

    2010 Mercedes-Benz E Class "What It's Made Of"

    I think it's a very new ad, and thus haven't been able to find the song anywhere. It was probably made specifically for the ad, but I'm really curious. The video is here: Thanks a lot!
  19. B


    I am trying to find a song that was in MB commercial about 10 yrs ago. It was sung by a woman (Sarah Vaughn or Shirley Bassey- type voice). The car moves slowly across the tv she sings about love----"to the east of the west of it." I wish I knew more lyrics. I have been...
  20. D

    Mercedes-Benz C-Class "Dance"

    Does anyone know what song they use in the Mercedes-Benz commercial? Thank you for the help