Mercedes-Benz Summer Event 2010 E350 Sport Sedan


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does anyone know the music playing in the background of this brand new commercial from mercedes benz? its the commercial were it says this is our swimming pool, this is our slip n slide. basically its like there quality assurance tests compared to summer time activities. It sounds like strings are being played.
yea im having 0 luck finding this one or even who composed it... btw who in the world can find out what these comercial studios name there commercials.. i see alot of times people know there actuall name.. i searched for about a year before i found out about the nike "move" comercial years ago... ive looked for a site forever with the names the studio creates to no avail
Here is a link to the ad. Does anyone know the music playing in the background?

nice find man.. i love the part were the car is in the skid pad on wet pavement the strings really start to pick up and then its over :( someones gotta know if this is an original just for this commercial or a part from some random song .. seems like more and more commercials use only exclusive made tracks now.. it took me years to find the nike move commercial music and John elias finnaly released it on itunes like 2 years ago lol
I emailed them at Mercedes and they responded kindly telling me that both commercials they are airing now (which includes the one we are discussing here) are using original compositions for the respective ads. So this isn't a full available track sadly. :(