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MTV uses a techno/rock song on every single episode of Made. It sounds sort of like "Promises, Promises" by The Cooper Temple Clause and has a James Bond/ Spy feel to it. Please Help!
I was watching Made a while ago, the one with Andie who makes her dress out of duck tape, and there was a song they played when she was sitting in her room on her computer trying to type her up the paper about herself. I don't really know how to describe it but I think it's sort of techno sounding. :( :unsure: There were no words to it and I'm sorry I don't know how to describe it. I hope somebody can help me find this song. :)
I have a feeling this is way off, and most people know this song anyway, but the singer reminds me of Craig Nichols from The Vines, so I might guess "Ride" by The Vines.
I was watching Made again and on the episode where the girl, Ally, wants to be a hip hop dancer. They played it in the beginning and I went on and they had a list of songs they played:

2 for 5 "I Don't Sweat"

Ampt "Asylum"

Christina Bulatao "On My Own"

Jerry Burkhart "Whoop De Do"

Loer Velocity "Break Out"

Matthew Dear "Dog Days"

The Cruxshadows "A Stranger Moment"

Ritual Movement "Informational Manipulation"

Moonraker "Who's In The House"

Nabukeza Tekemura "Story of the Star"

Grey Matter " Derted"

Grey Matter"It's a Beat"

That helps now but I can't find the artists on there to listen to their music. Can anyone help?
I think this is the episode you're asking about is about Rachel. Music from the episode is here. And, the music listed there follows:

Android Lust "Follow"
Christina Bulatao " All About Her"
Christina Bulatao "Some Other Girl"
Corday "If I Only"
Goner "The Lazy Star"
Goner "Whatever Day It Is"
Kinzel & Hyde "Lonesome La La"
Lady Godiva "A New Day Will Come"
Latchkey "True""
Dim Dim "Pukk"
Dim Dim "Lila Olle"
Dim Dim "Flit"
Princess Superstar "The Little Freakaziod That Could"
Princess Superstar "Blue Beretta"
They play it for a little while it's like a techno "dodododododo" something like that.
i'm looking for the song that plays when her made coach gives her a task at the mall (to get a compliment from someone, i think). the scene takes place at about 10 or 11 minutes into the show.
i have no idea how to describe that clip, so i'm just at the mercy of whoever happens to have seen the show and recognizes the song!!!!!!!! i checked mtv and they don't have the music listed for the episodes from season 3. i just may have to live without ever knowing the answer to this one!!!
I watched that episode, but forgot about the music so here are all the songs they played on that episode, you can get all the music from the MADE shows on click on MADE music. :)

Tammany Hall NYC, "Goodnight Song"
Tammany Hall NYC, "I Was Hopin"
Grey Matter, "Kiph"
Grey Matter, "Icybel"
My Girl Sleeps, "One Night Stand"
Black Tape For A Blue Girl, "The Whipper"
Georgous Girl, "Techno World"
Matthew Dear, "Nervous Laughter"
Blue Root, "Chapow!"
Dr. Onionskin, "& That's How It's Going to B"
Dr. Onionskin, "Over Ride"
Deep Fat Fried, "Green Light, Dread Bounce"
Deep Fat Fried, "Android"
oh, thanks for remembering about the show!! the song was not 'hey ya'; it was another one called 'deadbeat'!!!
again, thanks for posting!!
What is that song that plays that goes like: "What happened to girl who had everything?" It's impossible to find!
Made high school

The song i am looking for is from MTV Made season 3, the episode where the guy wants to graduate high school. The song starts in at the point where he starts doing his home work, the song starts off with a guy whispering the lyrics. Please help me this is driving me crazy, I WANT THAT SONG!!! :p