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Please help!!

Does anybody know the name of the song of the song played at the very beginning of every episode of MTV's "I Want A Famous Face"? The song sounds sort of like a circus song, with an electronic/rock feel. This song was also used on the episode of Cribs on the segment at Puck's house.

Also does anybody know the name of the songs used on TRL on the scenes right before commercial? (It's not the Ted Leo and the Pharmacists song or the Ludacris song)
Does the person have surgery to look like a celebrity they idolize? That's just sick!
Yes, the people do want to resemble celebrities. Does anybody know the name of the song used at the beginning of each episode when the narrator talks about millions of young people having plastic surgery. It sounds like a circus song. It has a techno feel to it with a mix of rock.

Also does anybody knoe the name of a song used on numerous MTV shows that features a female voice usually saying "how kinky".

Sorry, I don't know the song from the intro to Famous Face. But, the How Kinky song might be "'Kinda' Kinky" by Ursula 1000.
Thank you soo much. I've been searching for the "how kinky" song ever since it was featured on MTV's Spring Break. Thanks again.
In case anybody's wondering about the song used at the beginning of MTV's I Want A Famous Face at the beginning of every episode, the name of the song is "Baby's Got A Temper" by The Prodigy. This song is also used on Cribs and other MTV documentaries.
Does anybody know the song that plays while the title for "I Want A Famous Face" comes out? It's not The Prodigy one, it sounds like a piano or something.

At the end of the show, there's this song. it sounds Sum 41ish. it goes like "don't know what you got until it's gone."

Well Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" has those words
"Don't it always seem to go ,that you don't know what you've got till it's gone"..,
It's been covered by others, but it may not be what you're looking for.
Could it be "3'z My Lucky Number" by MEST? It's on their album Mo' Money, Mo' 40'z.
well, the only thing that came to mind (except for the joni mitchell mentioned) is a song by a 80s hairband called Cinderella, and i think its called 'don't know what you got til its gone.' (can't BELIEVE i remember that!) only thing is they didn't really sound like sum 41, but hope it helps! :D
anyone know the song playin at the end of the second episode with the girl who wants to look like the girl from 90210? The played at the end after the girl had her surgery done and was playing while she was getting model pics. It sounds techno and its been used a lot before or other glamour shows and stuff.
there's a song that plays after he buys the shirts from Aeropostale and it plays until shortly after the doctor walks in and rechecks him. thanks
On episode 202 (which is the one where the girl wants to look like the 90210 girl)
they play an acoustic song there are no lyrics just a guitar what is the name of that song?
thx :D
it came on during the transition back into the show (the I Want a Famous Face screen was up) and the song only has a beat played for all of a few seconds and sounds similar to the Postal Service
bump... A rerun episode is on right now... and the song in my original post also the theme song for the show used in the opening introduction...

has anyone seen the show recently and knows ?

its really similar to a postal service beat (but still there are no words in the short piece of it used in the show)
At the begenning on this IWAFF, Janet Jackson, There is a song at the begenning where the girl is showing off her Janet pics. There is a Janet song playing and I wanna know what ti is...please help!
I'm so sorry, but I can't describe any lyrics. Its a fast paced song, I know its not too old, like on her 1st CD. It sounds pretty new. I dont know what else I can say...sorry!
hm, the song kinda sounded like "Someone To Call My Lover," the beat I mean. and the little words I did catch in the episode are like "babe.. sumthin sumthin sumthin my way" like on the first verse of the song or something