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This new MM ad has all the mm swirling around like in a Kaleidoscope then in the end one of the red ones gets eaten by a guy, very nice mellow song playing in the background. anyone know what that one is? Thanks in advance
It is the song playing when the M and m's are in the bag looking much like a kaliedscope. It sounds very acoustic and old maybe a song by the guy who sings Pink Moon. I don't know, does anyone?
It's Such Great Heights, the acoustic version by Postal Service. It's featured on the Garden State soundtrack, and the non-acoustic version was recently in the promos for 'Grey's Anatomy'.
Correction, the accoustic version is actually a cover of the Postal Service version. The cover is performed by Iron and Wine. It's such a beautiful song, either version should make you happy, but the Iron and Wine one is the version used in the commercial
i personally like the Postal Service version betterm but the iron and Wine version is great to relax to
The song in this commercial reminded me of a song, but I don't know what. It's sung differently which is why I can't seem pin point the original song. This is all I know in term of this commercial... Sorry! If anyone can help, it is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

This commercial uses "Such Great Heights" by Iron & Wine (track 11). That song is also done by The Postal Service (track 2). Maybe that's the version you are thinking about.
This commercial starts with a Kaleidascope effect of colorful m&m's coming at you, both the animated characters and actual m&m's. Then moves out to a guy eating a handful on a park bench, doing a crane shot lifting over the top of him, revealing a colorful pattern of the park he's sitting in.

The song sounds along the lines of Sufjan Stevens or Iron & Wine or something.

Just wondering if anyone had a title or performer?

I tried searching out m&m's but alas could not find anything.

Wow...A cover of the song by The Postal Service? or the Other way Around? I guess I'll have to get me that Garden State Soundtrack...even though I have so many of the songs already on their respective cd's....is that track available anywhere else? Maybe I'll just grab that & Colin Hay on ITunes.

Interestingly, I downloaded The Postal Service Version just yesterday, direct from the Sub Pop label website...check it out if you haven't already!

Thanks for the answer!


Hey, could somone tell me the artist and name of the song in the new M&M's commericial, where all these M&M's float past, and then there is some guy on a bench eating them, some of the lyrics are "I'm thinkin' it's a sign...". Thanks
There's some M&Ms commercial where you see all the candy and the colors swirling. And there's a guy eating them at the end. It's kind of short and has a male voice singing. It reminds me of something from Garden State.

I know that's REALLY vague. Ring a bell?
It's a song called "Such Great Heights" by a band called "Iron and Wine" and yo're right, it is one the Garden State soundtrack.