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new. I searched on the forum, haven't found it yet. It is a man sitting in a room with the whole "picture frame" thing going while he is singing. I have NO better way to describe this. Will post again as soon as I see it if this isn't clear enough. I think the room was green. (Great clue, right?? ha ha)
photosmart 375...singing "out of the picture...la la la something..." ummm..... heh heh. And only the couch is green.
I checked the hp website, and they've listed the song as "Out of the Picture" by The Robins.

I'm going to see if I can confirm this...

Edit: BINGO! I checked Amazon.com and the song is featured on "The Best of the Robins" CD. I'm definitely going to pick this up!
You can listen to an audio sample of the song here, track 7. Also available for download from iTunes through this direct link.

Ad available for viewing here (Francois 2).
Hey since you found the song can you find out who the guy is who is in the commercial? :D
If I remember correctly, this commercial, and the one that preceded it (The Kinks, "Picturebook"), stars the guy who came up with the special effect of holding up a frame while singing, "capturing" it, and then moving it.

I'll see if I can find out more.
Not really a tv ad per se, I've only seen it online. Anyway, it's for the HP 375 Photosmart printer. The song has this thick bassline and the words "I want a Picture of you" repeated a couple of times. (and no it's not "Pictures of You" by the Cure, this is a new commercial) The song has a bridge that sounds like they're saying "Color Me In". Any help would be appreciated as it's been driving me nuts lately. I must know where this song came from
A guy holds a picture frame to his face which turns into a picture and then does it agaon awith another pic that turns into a pic and again and again and again...Thanks
Yes, the very first commercial had "Picture Book" by the Kinks...
as of yet, it's not on itunes.