HP Digital Photography printers freeze frames


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Hello All:
Does anyone know the name of the band singing the music behind a fairly new HP-Digital Camera commercial where the guy is sitting at a desk and kinda boogying to the music and taking pictures frames off his neck, which then turn into photos of himself, and then picking up photos, which turn into frames and putting them over his head? It's a kind of upbeat tune, which I think I should know 'cause it sounds familiar, but it's not long enough to identify.......driving me batty!!!!! :blink: I've seen this on several channels, but currently on the Science/Discovery channel..... Thanks.
HP has a section of their site dedicated to their latest TV ads. I loved that commercial and went in search of the video clip. Anyway.... the song is "Picture Book" by The Kinks.

Dear Mountaintime:

THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!! I actually went to the Hewlett Packard site, but must have missed the link to their videos...thanks for the heads up on that. Ok, the Kinks, YES! "Picture Book"......cool. It sounds way newer than the Kinks old stuff. I remember seeing the Kinks in concert with Blondie waaaaaay back in the day. :D Thanks again.
Hiya all.

The latest HP commercials for their printer/camera (the ones that feature empty frames that turn into photos) feature a song that has a sixities sound to it. Does anyone have an idea what it might be?
Yeah, I was lookin for that song too....some of the lyrics that I caught were "...pictures of your mama...taken from your papa...a lonnnnnng time ago" and it was a guy singing. I did some lyric searches but found nothing so far...
This song is the Kinks from the 1967 Album Villiage Green Preservation Society. Listened to it last night
im looking for the song in a new hp camera commercial, where it starts out with a group of people having their picture taken, and then they swap faces. it then goes to shots of someone jumping off a trampoline behind a fence and having theyre picture taken, and then in a night club where people are dancing and photos of their faces are being taken off...the commercial ends with the large group of people again, and a bunch of pieces of amera-crosshairs fly off into the air

i saw it on comedy central, and im pretty sure it has a males voice ...cant remember any lyrics though

hope this helps <_<
Ok, it's the one with the guy sitting at his desk and he keeps putting blank photo papers up to his face, and then white photo mats around his neck, and the pictures of his face are all off centered, and he is singing along to the song in the background.

goes something like: [something] to your mamma, [something] to your papa, long time ago...

I tried a search, nothing.
Hmmm, well its been answered...it works when I do a search for it....anyway, the song is "Picture Book" by The Kinks. Hope that helps ;)
OK, I'm trying to help my mom. I've never seen the commercial but it's got a guy singing and looking into different "frames" and he's singing about a picture frame of different family members. Any help would be appreciated!
I know this one has been beaten to death, but I can't find The Kinks Picturebook anywhere on the net. Any Ideas? Refering to the Digital photo. from HP
Hi.. can anyone help me? I am wondering what the song/artist is for the new commercial for hp (hewlett packard) print/photo commercial... the key words in the song are 'picture book blah blah blah' .... sounds a little like wilco, but i have never heard the song...
any help is greatly appreciated. :unsure:
Hi all,
I'm looking for the name of artist and song on the new HP digital photography campaign. The song sounds vaguely late 1960's "British Invasion" pop rock.
(kinda like early Rolling Stones or the Faces)

The commericals feature people holding up life-sized pictures of their faces in front of themselves. One commercial (that uses the same song) features a man holding up empty frames, and an picture of his face appears.

has anyone seen these ads?