HP Digital Photography printers freeze frames

I believe Richie is asking about the Kinks song used on that commercial but i don't remember the name of it. I did notice that it sounds VERY similar to Green Day's "Warning" song. The Kinks song used has been around much longer though.
im wanting to kno the name of the song that is used in the HP Camera commercial where everyone is holding the little white frames and thier picture is takin on it...
Hey! I just saw the commercial and DID A SEARCH and found this thread, so now I know who sings the song. BUT, I also discovered that Tommy Womack did a cover of it as well. So that leaves us with three musician options for the song:

The Kinks
Young Fresh Fellows
Tommy Womack

Happy listening, and Happy Holidays, my friends! :D
:blink: ok, there is this song on that commercial and all i got for lyrics is "picture". is where the guy has pictures that all of a sudden turn in to just a frame and then he puts them over his head. can anyone help me find the name and artist of the song?
Originally posted by wormholeboy@Dec 28 2004, 08:17 PM
:D I download a version of this song off ITUNES and am really happy with it. thx
What?!?!?!? I looked for it on itunes, it wasn't there!!! Where'd you find it, come on, spill it! :p
same here. ITunes seemed not to have it... did you download it from a band other than the Kinks?
Yeah. It's the same song just done by another band. It was like a tribute to the kinks type-a thing. Just search for "picturebook".
In two commercials for HP photo pictures. Where the peoples have white picture frames and move them around and there recent actions become the picture. Its hard to explain.

But the songs like

"Picture.......picture for your...." I cant remember all the lyrics.
There is this song for HP digtial camera. It sounds kind of like a old Beatles tune, but I'm probably wrong. I think the words are " Picture Book Pictures of your mama taken by your papa a long time ago." If anyone knows this song please tell me.
Could someone please tell me who sings the song in the commercial its for a photograph copying machine. Now I dont know the words well some of them

Picture book Pictures of your mother and thats all the words I have and it shows him putting picture frames around his head I just want to know who sings it

Thank You

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