HP Digital Photography printers freeze frames

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Hello all.
I am looking to find out who sings the song in the newest HP commercial for their newest photo printer. It is the commercial with the guy singing along to the song and making pictures. I noticed that it sounded like the lyrics went something like "picture book, pictures for your momma from a long time ago" or something like that. I am sure it is a classic but I dont have the foggiest what it is. Please help! thanks!
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Thanks for the answer...Sorry about the repost, I read the rules after I posted! Thanks for the help!
Good ear, Difficultlips! It is indeed a newer version of the Kinks song.

The version played in the commerical is a cover of Picture Book by The Young Fresh Fellows. It's available as a .99 cent single through Music Match's store as a .wma file. I bought it this morning. You can also get it on their CD, "This One's For the Ladies".

I'm posting this to all the threads on this topic because I haven't seen anyone mention the fact that it's a cover in the ad. The YFF version is a little faster, more "boppy." The Kinks version is slower and of course, older sounding;) Still good, though!

(I hope this is ok to post in multiple on topic threads. I found three in the search and just wanted to make sure everyone can get this info. ):)
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I think the reason we all agreed on the Kinks version is because HP identified the music as being their version. However, they could be wrong... so thanks for giving the additional information.
All we need now is for the HP site to finally put the printer commercial up, I want to see that thing again!!!
Originally posted by DaveKap@Nov 21 2004, 06:32 PM
All we need now is for the HP site to finally put the printer commercial up, I want to see that thing again!!!
Just watch any one of the network channels. I see it at least twice every night. That song is permanately stuck in my head.

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i saw this HP commercial where there is this guy holding up borders and whatever is behind the border is turned into a picture in the frame . The music is really cool and the lyrics are like " picture perfect pictures of yo mama taken by our papa a long time ago". If you could help i'd be really happy
Thanks, Sir_Garland!:) I always get a little giggle out of it when I see it. I didn't make it; someone on live journal did and I hoestly can't remember who, but it's really brilliant.

Dave -- I LOVE that ad. It's so well done and such a neat concept. I actually song a very long version of it the very first time during previews in a movie theatre! Imagine it on the big screen, eh? It really made an impression and was a really enjoyable ad. I sure didn't mind seeing the extra long version. :) I only wish I could see it again. It's so imaginative.

I'd offer the file I have but the rules say we can't share the files. Sorry:) I'd made a clip from it if I knew how, though. That might be allowed since it'd just be a few seconds to confirm it's right.

Anyone who has Music Match, go to the Music Match Store or to Music Match on Demand and search for the Young Fresh Fellows and you can hear a sample of it there by clicking the little picture of a speaker.

I also found a clip of it on Amazon.com for the CD it's on. Just if anyone wants to have it confirmed this is the correct version:

Link to Amazon.com page for the CD

Let me know what ya think!:)

And Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating today!
Yeah I'm his cousin from his mother's father's side...twice removed

song goes like "picture book, picture of your mama" and such... and it has people putting pictures into pictures and it blend into whats going on, then they take pictures of themself.. anyone know the song?!
oh sorry, im not the most forum smart person... i didnt know it was posted sorry, thanks though.

Help! I am trying to find the name of the song in the newest HP digital camera commercial. It's "PictureBook..Pictures of your mamma, taken by your father a long time ago" Who sings this?? It's driving me crazy!! :huh:
You should add more info: What's happening in the ad, and describe the music.