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Hello All

Aside from the fine photography products HP makes, they also make computers. Their two newest PC commercials are for the Pavilion Desktop and Mobil Laptop, based on the Intel chipset. The commercial features a man leaving his home with his wireless notebook, as walls with posters drop on his front lawn. The set progresses from a coffee house, to laundry mat, to airport, to airplane, and then a flight attendant holds the laptop in a style reminiscent of mid 20th century advertising techniques.

The Second involves the Pavilion desktop where the camera navigates through an apartment via air ducts. It goes from a teen burning his CDs, to a man looking through his photos, to a women working in the kitchen, here the narrator mentions that you can change your monitor for a flat screen.

Both commercials consist of an up-beat tempo with strumming guitar-like noise. Obviously synthesized. Also, there is an arcade-style beeping that is fast passed that picks up near the ends of the commercials. A very very similar sound that comes to mind would be the music from the online game "Delirium."

Well I hope my redundant description helps out someone, I am sorry if I cannot provide any more information. HP's website does not include this ad-campaign.... (Yet I suppose)
My mistake, the desktop commercial is different from the notebook one.

The commercial for the Desktop HP Pavilion features a snare drum following a buzzing-like octave, lacking better words of course.
HP has some of their ads on their website -- have you checked to see if the ads you're asking about are listed there?
As of right now they have not posted their most recent commercails, although this ad started running about 2 months ago.
Well I can certainly see how you get that song from my description. But isn't Baba O'Riley also Teenage Wasteland?

Anyways, that’s not quite the song from the HP commercial, and that ad campaign is starting to fade off, so I am just going to guess that this one is to the stars. Thanks for you assistance though. Maybe we'll get luckier on the next one.