Hewlett-Packard "Protect" commercial


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On CNN today I noticed an HP commercial getting heavy rotation, advertising its new nx6110 business notebook that helps "keep other people out" of your data, or something to that effect. It opens up at an airport check-in-counter, where one guy in a red shirt notices that he's surrounded by people that look like him, in line, on the people mover, and on the train. At the end of the commercial, the guy opens his laptop and everyone suddenly looks like different people again.

The background music was something of a techno-ish song built on top of a bass loop, one measure of which went on at the very end of the commercial without any accompaniment. The commercial's not on the HP website as far as I can tell, but I'm sure it'll be a very familiar commercial, at the very least to someone who watches CNN a lot. Is anyone familiar with that song?