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HP "Change"

There is a HP commercial that has the song "Blue Skies" in it. I need to settle a discussion with a friend. I said it was Ella Fitzgerald. He did not know who it was but he did not think it was Ella. I've searched this site and I can't find anything on this. The description of the commercial: It has a guy apparently going on his way to work. He is wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase. The eye candy is actually what is happening in the background. Everything, buildings, streets, houses, cars, tables, people, everything is changing. As soon as a new building appears it morphs into another. Same with everything else. He finally gets to his office and he stands behind his desk like he is about to sit but doesn't. The reason is everything has stopped changing. The changes start again and he sits. End of commercial. By the way, I do not know what they're trying to sell with this.
The ad might be new, I just saw it for the first time earlier this week. Sounded like Ella to me too... I'll look around some and see if I can find out for sure.

You can hear "Blue Skies" by Ella Fitzgerald here...

The name of the ad is "Change" and was done by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners agency - they have a few ads for viewing, but not this one unfortunately.
Just saw/heard the ad tonight -- I was struck by the music too. Don't think it's Ella, but can't figure out who it is -- I checked out the previous link to an Ella version of Blue Skies, but that's not it. Also searched the HP site and the web to see if I could nail it down, but no luck. Any thoughts?
Thanks everyone for working on this. I have gone through most of the Ella versions of that song. Most seem to be fairly modern (50's and 60's). I did find one version from Josephine Baker although it sounds too early for it to be the version that I want. Is it kosher to contact the ad agency and ask them what tune did they use?
Try Cassandra Wilson or maybe even Billie Holliday although I'm not sure that anyone could confuse Billie with Ella.
I emailed the ad agency but never heard anything back. Don't think it's Ella, definitely not Billie, not sure about Nina Simone. Anybody else?
Doris Day, Ann Tofflemire, Barbara Lea?, Della Reese, Dinah Shore, Eva Cassidy, Ina Ray Hutton are all women I've found, besides those already mentioned, to have covered this song.
hey guys, i think the person who would be the closest to sounding like ella is sarah vaughn.

did you try listening to rosemary clooney anyone? i know that's a reach, but you never know...i haven't seen the commercial, but i'm familiar with this song and ella and sarah...yeah fitzy...i was thinking cassandra wilson too!
I went to allmusic.com / punch in blue skies in the song category / looked for ella first, but she only had recordings of blues skies in the 40's, ( this recording sounds late 30's from listening to the arrangements ) but I could be wrong and it's late 20's. So I just went scrolling thru all 400 recordings and decided my 1st choice would be Maxine Sullivan from a 1938 recording. My 2nd choice would be Josephine Baker from a late 20's recording. It sounds too early for an Ella recording, but I'm not an Ella expert.

By the way, this allmusic.com website answers ALL my music questions. Such power...

;) I found it.... I contacted HP's press dept. and they said the recording was done by Maxine Sullivan.

I've already gone to Amazon.com and bought my copy!

Great! Thanks for letting us know, I think this will be our next Weblog post. ;) Anyone else interested can find the song on Maxine Sullivan's "Greatest Hits" album.
Thanks one and all. I guess I lost the bet. I thought it was Ella from the 30's. Maxine? Why did I not think of that?
Looking for the old Jazz tune used in the HP change commercial where a business man is walking and the building keep changing and growing

Originally posted by lilroach@Apr 16 2004, 12:24 PM
Found it, it's Blue Skies by Ella Fitzgerald
I merged the topics together...

Anyway, the version heard in the ad is actually Maxine Sullivan covering Ella's song "Blue Skies." You can find the Sullivan version on her "Greatest Hits."
In an HP commercial I saw a few days ago they had this techno song that is fimilar to me but I cant remeber the name, but the commercial had a guy walking out of his office and and the back ground was rapidly changing the office and the narrator was talking about how change is the new way of business or something. If you guys can help me out it would be gretaly appricaiated.