Has anyone seen "Dascoot"?

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"Scythe" can be the "muscle" with the stern and serious face that forces "a_iver" to rethink his childish ways.
Well, not to disappoint you, but I don't really have muscle. Or sternness. I'm more like a pup.

A dragon pup, actually. Rawr.

Can I get a coke?
Many Hong Kong Action Stars are not well built either, but all of them can "kick some ass"

And many body builders are wimps and are afraid.

Confidence "Scythe". You must always have confidence.

I work out each day except 2 and I still see guys bigger than me. But I have the confidence to know that I can "take" almost all of them if the situation arises.

Confidence is the key.
Not to get off "the search for "dascoot" topic, but in looking @ each of your Adtunes profiles, this group on this topic ("dascoot") is a pretty diverse group geography wise.

If the times are right, "givemfitz" is on West Coast, along with "sketchyrx". "proof" is in Central time so that is Mid-West most likely in a more populated area like Michigan or Illinois, along with "a_iver". Me ("jffodom") and "leone" are representing the East Coast. Hollaaa!!!

Whereas "Scythe" is somewhere in Middle Europe. Maybe Turkey or Greece areas.

Nice Job guys,

dascoot is currently on hiatus. she is spending many an afternoon playing canasta with the neighborhood women and drinking lemonade. judging from her postcards, it sounds like she's having a lot of fun.
:lol: The question is: will those still entertain people after water leaks in?

Answer: Yes! As long as you're out of the pool at the time. ;)
I'd find it entertaining if people were still in the pool. :p
That's what I meant.. Boy, we're on different wavelengths today! :lol:
*stuffs barrel with pizza* :woo: :woo: *pokes leone in the eye with hot wing* :woo:

*pulls own finger* :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo:
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*pulls own finger*
:lol: You can entertain yourself, guess you don't need me. :p