Adtunes Reunion... Anyone?

Just read through the entire thing, I had completely forgotten about his accident! Wow that was so long ago, are you still getting surgeries to fix stuff Fitz?

That thread kinda messed with my head, that Thanksgiving was pretty much the lowest low point in my life.

Sorry. :(
No. Completely recovered from that. Then had a new and exciting wholly unrelated issue involving emergency surgery. Removal of parts. Hospital calling in family telling them they'll keep me going as long as possible if they wanna try and come say goodbye. Blah blah blahhhhhhh yada yada yadaaaaaa.

They just didn't know who I was.:rolleyes:

So you've been dead more that once on two completely separate occasions? :blink:
oh i've been in and out but mostly reading what everyone else typed (as per usual) :) how are you doing?
Okay, let's pick a random day. I'm going to throw out May 16th, it's soon and it's a Saturday. Thoughts?
May 16th has pasts... another reunion perhaps? I wanna be apart of this...
Day after New Years, who's with me?? (1/2/13)
Should be hopefully enough time for everybody to see this.
I miss you tadpoles :p
A Wednesday? I'm good with it. Lets see who checks in. Figure out who knows how to get in touch with whom.
No RRDB left behind!!!

Hear that Rhonda? Rhonda??? *crickets*

Ok whose job was it to make sure Rhonda knows?

BTW still in touch with Search Whore and can probably...mayyyybeeeee get Melissa to answer me sometime between now and the New Year.
Oh hell. Need to revive the thread. I got a better job back in September as an operations support analyst for an electric company.