Adtunes Reunion... Anyone?

Not typing all that crap. :blink: Especially not in a public forum. Get a mic.:p
Thats actually a completely separate incident. :rolleyes: I got better and life returned pretty much to normal..... then came the sucker punch.
yeah...i've had my share of cream pies in the face. but heyyyy it's good to hear from you guys.

what else did we talk about? i remember a convo about toilet paper being put on the correct side.
when my "joined in 20__" year hits a 10 yr anniversary, i may flip. i just can't get over how long this basement has been in session :)
Yeahhhhhhh. You may think you're scaring me. But I know things. Special things. Like where you live. :shifty: And that it smells funny in your closet... and under your bed. :blink:
Special, my ass. That's your closet you're talking about.