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...or did I see a commercial for Dockers featuring This Is the Day by The The?
I've looked for this as an existing post, but couldn't find anything.

What's the music playing in the Dockers commercial, where guys in...uh...Dockers and dress shirts are at a city playground, jumping rope, dunking a basketball, doing flips, all in slo-mo? Cool song!

Oh man, I just saw that and I have got to know! It almost sounds like it is the same song that is at the end of the movie Empire Records. But Im not sure....
male vocals, Lyrics... "You watch a plane flying across a clear blue sky this is the day your life will surely change this is the day things fall into place"?...
The Song is "This is the Day" by The The. But they're not singing it on the Dockers commercial -- I don't know who the cover artist is.
This Is The Day (Disinfected version) - TheThe. Not sure what album it's on, though.
Trying to figure out the music on the ad where the guy is in slacks and does a kung fu move, followed by a dad jumping on the bed with his little kids...???

Anybody know?
have ya seen the new dockers commercial where everyone is jumping and at the end it shows the guy jumping on the bed with his kids, i just wanted to know what song this was thanks
I saw this Dockers commercial and it showed a bunch of people doing things in slow motion. I think it was for their pants with the comfort waistband or something. Anyways I only caught a few lyrics- It went "This is the day your life will surely change" Anybody have a clue?
I have seen a new dockers commercial with a bunch of guys doing athletic things in their khakis...anyone know or recognize the song? thanks
You can find the disinfected version on the "45 RPM: The Singles of The The" album. I was first searching at Amazon and found this listing which does not say it has the disinfected version.

Further searching returned this listing off VH1 which says track 11 is the disinfected version.

After listening to the sample of track 11 off disc 1 on the Amazon listing, it does appear to be the same version as is used in the commercial.
Its the same ad but the song is different the words are
".............this is your moment to be , open your eyes and see, let your spirit set you free ..."
Its driving me nuts to not know the name of such a lively and catchy song