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So, theres a new dockers commercial out. it kind of follows the same feel of the other ones set in san franscisco. But its new. Its like an old jazz song, but this time its a male voice singing. any ideas? Shouldnt be to hard.

oh, right haha.

Well anyway I believe the lyrics go something like this

"Go boy go, go boy go. lets jump, and go some more"

I think thats them, I googled them with no luck, so unless you guys know the artist or song we might be F-*$%-ED

Um...sounds like a female vocalist to me?

And I thought she said, 'Go, boy, go. Go, boy, go. Then STOP. Go some mo'!' (or however many 'go boy go's there are.

I'm curious too.

I think this is real brand new, but Dockers is running a commercial with a guy who's wearing their pants in different scenarios (i.e. the office, the golf course) and in each scene, he's running.

The song accompanying it I think would be an older swing music type of song and it's main phrase is, "go boy go".

Anyone recogize the song & artist?
Does anybody know the song and artist featured on the new Dockers ads? It is a female vocalist singing "Go boy go, go boy go, Stop. And go some more" I would really appreciate the help.
it is one of the new dockers commercials. the song is a little bit "swingy". female singer "go boy go" along those lines.

thanks in advance!!
Does anyone know who's song is being used on that new commercial, ("I think" it was for Dockers or some kinda men's pants), that features a song saying simply "Go, boy, go.... (repeated twice more), Now STOP!, and go some more!"? It's Rockabilly-ish... sounds like a trio. My husband and I thought it sounded a lot like Nellie Lutcher but I can't find anything in my exhausted Google search. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you guys so much. I am totally new to this forum... that was my first post. It's good to know that y'all are out there with your encyclopedic knowledge.

Now, I just have to master the "bump" thing and I think I'll be fine....

Lily :unsure:
BTW: For anyone still curious about Sugar "Chile", HE was a tiny child prodigy who played piano and sang (better on both counts than many multi-millionaire so-called "musicians" out there today) and was a wee thing when he recorded this tune. We googled his name and found a wonderful clip from a movie with him performing "Caladonia", if anyone's interested...
This is real honest-to-God boogie woogie music, played on an old high-back parlor piano, the kind you could pick up for $25 back in the '60's because everybody's grandparents had one then. I'll bet it was a player-piano, too..

I seriously doubt that a "player piano" was used in this recording as the artist, Sugar Chile Robinson, was a child prodigy pianist. Go back a couple of posts and check out the link to a video of said artist. It's truly amazing!

There's a Dockers commercial out right now advertising the verstility of these pants. There is this song in that commercial that I can't get out of my head. It's sounds like old swing or something. "Go boy, go, now STOP...Go some more"....Anybody have any idea what the title/artist of that song are? Driving me nuts...
omg that song has been drving me nuts to, im nto completly sure but i think its by Frankie "suga chile" Robinson, but i havent been able to really know or not : (