Song from a french car commercial - 90s


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Good evening everyone.
I have a question to do.
When I was young, I used to listen to a song that was the soundtrack of a spot. The spot of a french car, for the italian market, I don't remember the brand, I guess it was the usual peugeot/renault/citroen... the song is not so easy to describe, I just remember the voice of the singer, very very similar to Canned Heat style (or like the singers from 50’s, you know, like Dumbo movie soundtrack… that kind of voice). I could try to sing you something but I really don't know how XD Perhaps some words were similar to "aaand don't you" or "don't know you", with this f****n falsetto that I have been searchin for the last 25 yrs.
Sorry for my english, I have tried YT, forums, AI, reddit…… you just are my last option. Thank you!