1. O

    Dockers work, weekend, dress, golf

    Hey Gang, Watching the NBC broadcast of the NHL today I saw a commercial for Dockers SF which featured an R&B-styled song mwntioning the, "soul of California." Anyone see the same?
  2. T


    So, theres a new dockers commercial out. it kind of follows the same feel of the other ones set in san franscisco. But its new. Its like an old jazz song, but this time its a male voice singing. any ideas? Shouldnt be to hard. cheers,
  3. sgazzz

    Dockers "Subway Love"

    Dockers "Subway Love" Hi all, I've been trying to find out what this song is forever, and I just stumbled across this site so here goes... The ad is from I think 1995, its the Dockers ad called "Subway Love" where a guy sees a girl in a subway car when it's stopped and tries to go in, but is...
  4. P

    Dockers Stain Defenders

    the commercial is for Dockers pants with 4 or 5 big tall guys getting out of a small Mini-Cooper type car. The brief portion of music played in this ad has no singing/vocals. Music is bass and drum beat emphasized. This ad has been on TV for about a month or so (that I have noticed...maybe...
  5. L


    This is an older Dockers commercial, from a few years ago....but I am trying to find the song that was in the commercial, so hopefully someone can help me. The song was older and it said something about "wanna be americana....but you were born in Italy....".....and the commercial had all of...
  6. P

    Dockers Stain Defenders

    :blink: I've got to find the name of the song or band for the song on the new Dockers Stain Defender Commercial. Any clues? Thanks in advance for any assistance.