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:blink: I've got to find the name of the song or band for the song on the new Dockers Stain Defender Commercial. Any clues? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
"ya-ya, ya-ya, ya-ya, ya-ya-ya..." that song?

haven't found an exact artist on it. but, for those who haven't seen the ad, you can watch it at the docker's site. the intro portion plays the song, but if you want to watch/hear the ad again -- after the intro is done (or you can skip intro), select "fall line-up" and then "tv commercial."
the name of the song your looking for is go! by tones on tail,it has been driving me nutz trying to peg down the name and title,but i finally verified it. enjoy :D
You are all my heros! Thank you. Don't you hate it when something drives you buggy until you can nail it down? I appreciate all your assistance. I can finally sleep. :p
The song is also on the "Grosse Pointe Blank" Vol. 2 soundtrack
What is the song that is played during the Dockers Stain Defender commercial where the guy is running down the street and water goes all over him and stuff, along with the old man or lady spraying water at him from the car????
Whats the name of that song where those guys are running through a city and people are pouring various liquids on them, and this really catchy tune is playing. Its like "ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-yeah" Or something like that.
I knew the song from a weird occasion years ago . . . a friend of mine found a tape full of music that none of us knew. This song was on it, and it fascinated him. We called it "The Ya-Ya Song", since we didn't know what it was really called. The tape also contained some French club music, and lots of other strange & interesting stuff.

A couple of years later, 98 Rock in Baltimore used a clip of "Go!" as background to . . help me, here . . . was it news? Traffic? Anyway, we got a big kick out it.

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