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This is an older Dockers commercial, from a few years ago....but I am trying to find the song that was in the commercial, so hopefully someone can help me. The song was older and it said something about "wanna be americana....but you were born in Italy....".....and the commercial had all of these italian guys and surfboards (i think)....and there might have been an ironing board with the Docker's khakis on it....i know it was definitely a Dockers commercial...and the song was old/italian sounding with a lady singing....does anyone have any idea?
I remember that ad pretty well.

I believe they were actually using the ironing boards to surf on.

The real song you should be able to find by Adriano Celentano, but it is in Italian. I can't remember, but I think the song from the commercial was half bastarded into English.

The title is Tu Vuo Fa L'Americano. It's a cool song.

Much luck.
First of all this is my first time posting on this board and I have to say this place is great for a person who wants to hear a song again from TV.
Anyway I need help badly with a song from a Dockers commercail a few years ago. It went something like this: "got to be were born in Italy." It was a slow paced song and I think it was a woman singing. Thanks for your time and hopefully when I find this song I will be able to think about normal things again!
The song is "Tu Vuo Fa L'Americano" by Adriano Celentano.