Dockers "Subway Love"


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Dockers "Subway Love"

Hi all,

I've been trying to find out what this song is forever, and I just stumbled across this site so here goes...

The ad is from I think 1995, its the Dockers ad called "Subway Love" where a guy sees a girl in a subway car when it's stopped and tries to go in, but is stopped by people coming out. As the subway pulls away she mouths "nice pants" and thats it...
The song contains the line "I wasn't looking for love, then all at once it came looking for me" It sounds like an old standard, and the man singing it sounds like Chet Baker...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Hope you guys can help, I've been trying to hunt this down everywhere. It's from an old Dockers ad, where a guy and a girl are on a subway. If I recall correctly, the girl ends up mouthing through the door's glass, "nice pants." Anyway, the lyrics were, "I wasn't looking for love, then all at once it happened. love came looking for me."
does anyone know the name of the song from a 1997/1998 levi's commercial that take place in a subway with the lyrics where the guy is on the subway if you're in New York, and across the train he sees a beautiful lady. And in the background a song starts to play "I wasn't looking for love... in just a glance, it happened... love came looking for..." and someone shouts "GET OUTTA MY WAY" and the man gets shoved out the door of the train, missing the chance with the love of his life.

its been bugging me for days...........
the song is called "out and about" by the Prolifics.....

you can thank me later
I have searched everywhere for that band and that song but have turned up empty handed. Are you sure that is the right name of either song or band. I can't find any song with that title and i cant even find a band with that name.

so if anyone can still help that would be great
i have replied about jfdom's comment, but i have searched everywhere for that band and that song but it hasn't turned up anywhere so its either the wrong answer or google, lyrics websites and limewire are all my current status is still looking.....................
You asked this already?

How about:

"All the Will in the World" by Robert Palmer

You never knew, till love came looking for you
You thought that youd never find it
Now that shes here
Now theres no doubt that its true
Now its for real
Now you can win with, all the will in the world
Dockers "Subway Love" commercial credits:

Subway Love


Foote, Cone & Belding, S.F. Group

Steve Fong Group

Brian Bacino

Aagency Prod.
Rob Thomas

Prod. Co.

Carlton Chase

EditorJacques Drury, Decoupage

John Leftwich, Left/Write Music
Crazy blast from the past bump I know...I didn't even know i already posted this request here so long ago, but I'm still looking for this stupid song.

I read the post above that lists "Out and about" by the Prolifics, but as mentioned previously, there are no records of a song title or group by that name.

Regardless, there is now a youtube of the commercial in questions, so maybe this can questions can be answered for good.


The lyrics are:
I wasn't looking for love.
Suddenly my heart felt weak.
With just a glance it happened,
love came looking for me

Thanks for any light anyone can shed on this. And if the person who gave the "answer" can reply with some info on where to find/get this song that would be awesome too...
Finally a solution, kind of....

Someone on Youtube says they tracked down someone from Docker's and they told them that the song was just made up for the commercial. Whether true or not, it makes sense as absolutely no one knows anything about this song...

Case closed I guess...