Dockers "Hello Trolly"


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Anyone know the song and artist of the new Dockers Commercial? It has a Billie Holiday type singer...

Thanks all
Just answered my own question. The ad is called "Hello Trolley" the artist singing in the background is name Madeleine Peyroux and the song title "Don't Wait Too Long"
Hey does anybody know info about the song in the recent dockers ad? The ad features a man and a woman in an exchange on seperate trolley cars?

Well I am glad you answered it. It's a good song and it was driving me crazy not knowing who it was. How else can I download it ;)
There is this commercial for a cell phone, the one with the bars. It looks like it's in San Fran because it's got the trolleys and everything. Anyway, this guy is on one trolley and he sees a girl in the trolley next to him going the opposite direction and he gets off and goes to the other trolley and he misses her. Oh, but wait! She too has gotten off of her trolley to look for him! How cute! Yeah so, the song sounds like a jazzy blues thing and the only lines I get are the last two: "If you feel a change coming soon, don't wait too long." That first line is close, but the last line is right on. Thank you for your time.
Listen I screwed up there. It's not for a cell phone, I thought it was. It's for Dockers pants. It just came on again. But the line is now definately "but if you think time will change your ways, don't wait too long. Sorry guys. This right now. Peace.
anyone know what song is in the Dockers commercial? It's got like this guy on a bus and sees some girl he likes so he gets off the bus and she's there and they're both wearing Dockers.
i have been looking for this song as well, this is what i found:
Madeleine Peyroux - don't wait to long

i hope that helps!!
I just need the name of the song in that dockers commercial with a streetcar with a guy in it is parked alongside a streetcar with a girl in it. They both get out of their streetcars, run around to get in the other one but the doors close just before they can get in. The streetcars pull away and the guy and girl are standing there looking at each other.

The only lyrics i remember are "don't wait too long." It's a sexy female jazzy type singer. Sounds like aN old-time, slow bluesy jazz song.

Any help is greatly appreciated
This song is Madeleine Peyroux Don't Wait Too Long

Dockers has another good song The The- This is the Day
does anyone know the song they play in a dockers jeans commercila? the commercial shows 2 cars and these 2 peple see each other and get off the train and meet each other. the song is sorta soft.
What is the song with the Dockers ad where the man and woman see each other in seperate trolleys, both proceeding to race around them in hopes of falling in love and then they do, while wearing stain resistant khakis? It's now in the beginning of the excellent existentialist film starring the effervescent Queen Latifah, Last Holiday.
this is a recent ad, it shows a guy and a girl on opposite street cars, they have eye contact and smile at each other. the guy then gets off his and tries to run to hers. when both cars leave, we see that he and the girl had done the same. does anyone know the music??? thanks