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Hey Gang,

Watching the NBC broadcast of the NHL today I saw a commercial for Dockers SF which featured an R&B-styled song mwntioning the, "soul of California." Anyone see the same?
I heard it last week and now everyday this one. Want to buy the cd right away. Hoping is exists as no one has mentioned what album it is on. Of course now that you all have helped should be easy to find it as I would have never known the atrist. Thanks all. Captain Mark Maloney USMM
just saw this commercial and ran to my computer to see if yall had located it.
cant wait to get it!
It's a sassy beat with soulful singing!

Thanks again!!
Heard the song at about 9:25 central time on ABC...

Half time of the NBA finals...

I searched and found the song of an older Dockers commercial (the Marlena Shaw, California Soul) and its not the one in this commercial.

Anyone know?

I was wondering the same thing. I heard it at the same time as you did.
I found a song that sounds more like the commercial than the original California Soul. It's "California Soul" by Marlena Shaw & Diplo. It's a remix of the original.
for reference.

i don't think its the diplo remix...that one is too much percussion and not enough strings like the ad.