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This is a fashion show. Sorry the links didnt work. i am looking for songs from the same design house, ROCHAS. The songs are great but i dont know who the artists are. If its not too much trouble. please go to STYLE.COM. Then click Fashion Shows. On the Bottom of the new page, it says -- fall 2005 rtw/ see all the looks --If you scroll down that list, it will have ROCHAS, click on it, and play the video tab. The song im looking for is in the last part of the show (the video is only 3 or 4 minutes, so it doesnt play the entire song). It is the song with a man singing, and if you know the piano music in the show, i would appreciate that too. .... now back to the homepage, click on fahsion show again, and bellow the fall 2005 rtw scroll tab is another one that says previous season. Click on Spring 2005 RTW and find rochas and watch another video, then go back to the scroll tab and click on Fall 2004 RTW. and find Rochas again. If you know any of the songs featured in any of the seasonal runway shows. please be kind enough to post. thanks.!
Hmm.. well the first link I clicked said page not found but I found a video on the homepage and the song on that video is - 1979 by smashing pumpkins. Hope thats the one you wanted. I will try to see if I can find the others... if time allows.