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I asked this question of ESPN but they did not know (not quite sure how that works) what the music in the golf commercial with Tiger Woods is (i.e., what band?).

So if anyone watched Sportscenter today and saw the American Express commericial for golf (with Tiger), can you tell me what the background music was? My guess is some song by U2 but which I cannot tell.

Thanks for the help.
I'm a big U2 fan, so if you can think of any more details about the lyrics, I'm sure I will know it. I haven't seen this commercial yet, is there a link to see it that you know of?

"Daddy's gonna pay for your crashed car" from Zooropa has been used before, "Hold Me Thrill Me. Kiss Me Kill Me" from the Batman 2 soundtrack is another one that has been used. Those are just a couple of jabs in the dark though.
I was told you might find it on an American Express site. I e-mailed ESPN but they did not know.

I am also a big U2 fan but could not recognize the song (it is only the Edge's guitar, no lyrics). Try watching Sportscenter tomorrow. It is guaranteed to come on at least once an hour and probably more like 2-3 times.

Thanks for the help.
Did anyone catch Sportscenter today for this commercial?

They had the same music for a commercial three weeks ago for the NEC Invitational. It seems to be often used in golf. I checked the Zooropa song and it does not seem to match, so I am still unsure.
They might not be showing this commercial on ESPN anymore as the golf tournament has now started.

I am still hoping someone has seen this as it bugging me trying to figure out what the song is.

Maybe someone knows a website where you can hear short parts of U2 songs? I could then see if one of them stands out.