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I saw a dentyne ice commercial the other day and really liked the song in it and want to know what it is. All i remember from the ad was a girl looking at guys and little boxes (kinda like in the periodic table) popped up and one said "mr. right"
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I'm new to this site, but am looking for this song as well. It is based on the periodic table, and there is a 'mr. right' at the end. I believe the commercial is called, "making chemistry". I don't believe the song is 'strange powers', but I could be mistaken. I hope this song can be found!!
Dentyne Ice

Hello, I am new, So please redirect me if this has already been asked and answered.

I am looking for two songs, currently on TV, The first one is for the Dentyne ice commercial for "Mr. Right now" Where the girl is going to a club and each guy she sees has a different element, as the ad is speaking of creating chemistry. Would really love to know who does that song.

Thanks in advance.
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Gosh.. no one seems to be able to find this song... when someone finally does, im never letting it out of my sight lol
If I had an iPhone I would play the commercial into that program that searches based on sound. But alas, I have not an iPhone.:confused:
Just tried using Shazaam on the iphone. It came up empty handed. I hope someone can figure this one out...:)
i tried it on my blackberry too, unfortunately without lyrics the app wont find it. I also emailed dentyne myself and they told me it would be impossible for them to tell me what song they used in the commercial since they apparently have to many ad on tv