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    Dentyne Ice "Make Chemistry"

    I saw a dentyne ice commercial the other day and really liked the song in it and want to know what it is. All i remember from the ad was a girl looking at guys and little boxes (kinda like in the periodic table) popped up and one said "mr. right"
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    Dentyne Ice

    There was a commercial for Dentyne (I think Ice) a few years ago that took place in a nightclub, where they guy was all sweaty, so he popped a piece of gum to cool down before he approached the girl at the bar. The music is some trippy loop that sounds like someone singing the word "dub"...
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    Dentyne Ice "Practice Safe Breath"

    Commercial has people treating the gum like it is a condom. The song is just music, no lyrics. I searched on here but couldn't find anything.
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    Dentyne "Make Face Time"

    Does anyone know the music to the new facebook-themed Dentyne commercial?
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    Dentyne Ice

    Anybody know that song on the new Dentyne Ice commerical where a guy and a girl and in a winter wonderland? The song has the lyrics of "Stuttering."
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    Dentyne Blast

    Does anyone know the name of the song in the Dentyne Blast commercial? I believe it is a new commercial because I have not seen it before. It is the one where the guy and the girl are on the bus and it fills up with water. The only lyrics that I can catch from the song are "lets get close in...
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    Dentyne ice wild winter

    The commercial where the boy's mom and dad are standing there, a girl infront of the boy and the boy is in the large plastic egg. Few people in the background in lab coats. Love the song, love this site... will be posting here regularly. Thanks for your help, Sc :ph34r: tt.
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    Dentyne Tango

    Juicy Fruit this song sounds really...i dunno...relaxingly fun. Anyone know the name???? you can hear "tempted by the fruit of another" in the lyrics in the commercial, this guy is sitting at a table waiting for his date/girlfriend/wife maybe and eyes a woman across the way flirting at him...
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    Dentyne Ice subway

    has anyone seen the commercial where there was a girl on a train and the guy wanted to get her number, so she chews the gum and blows on the window and then there were like 3 other guys writing her number down? well they were playing a song during the entire commercial. does anyone know the name...