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On Episode 12 from the first season, Dave did a hilarious segment where he spoofed And 1 Mixtapes in baseball, tennis, and bowling. There were these awesome songs playing, a different one for each sport... can anyone tell me any of these three songs? Thanks.
To be more specific, they were rap songs. One or more featured a piano, and they seemed to be Mos Def-y kind of underground rap.
It sounds like you might like Vampires by Atmosphere. I'm not claiming this is the song you're looking for... funny
Alas, it is not the song I was looking for, but it is a great song nonetheless. I like Atmosphere.
Does any one know the background music from the slow motion scene from the first new episode of the Dave Chappelle show? Its when he's in the laundramat.
I have been searching far and wide for the nightclub song and have come up empty handed.

I did manage to find out some things that can help in the search though:

The song was done by artists from Okayplayer Records, and I know for a fact that Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson was involved with 1 other person whose name I do not know.

I also was able to discern some lyrics after finding the episode online. Some of the lyrics are inaudible due to audience laughter and poor diction by the rapper but here's what I've got thus far:

Player, Look who walked in the door
Yall cats can't say that I ain't cool no more
Just slow it down
<INAUDIBLE but possibly> "Whatcha cool with it" or "why don't you cool it"
<3 or 4 words INAUDIBLE then> Start breaking your neck
Just Slow it down
<INAUDIBLE but possibly> "Whatcha cool with it" or "why don't you cool it"
One touch of a button and we cool as shhhhh (expletive omitted during show)
Just slow it down
<INAUDIBLE but possibly> "Whatcha cool with it" or "why don't you cool it"
<INAUDIBLE> everyone around here show respect

At this point the girl says "I wanna suck your....." and the vocals seem to fade out.

A google search on the vast majority of lyrical phrases above yields nothing. It is my belief that this song was written and performed exclusively for the show by "?uestlove" (he is credited for "Original Sketch Music").

I've done everything I can to find the song, so it's now in the hands you folks. PLease report back any findings.
The song in the laundromat is "Sadness" by Enigma.

The song in the club scene is a freestyle that was done only for that episode, although it'll definitely be released eventually. ?uestlove produced it, and Skillz rapped on it.
I watched the DVD.

At one point, Chappelle himself mentions that the songs were done by an indy label from Florida. Unfortunately, that's it.
Chappelle Show "Blackzilla"

Like the topic title says, I'm looking for the song played in the background during episode 9 of season one, specifically in the Blackzilla skit. I know I've heard it before, but don't know the song title, I have the DVD, no mention of it there. Any help is appreciated.
There was one episode that Dave Chappelle came out on stage to this awesome rap beat playing in the background. The skit was just him walking out all cool to this song, and then leaving the stage to this song after saying something brief. Could anyone help me find this beat or rap song?
Are you talking about the 50's sounding tune, or the hip hop one? The hip hop one sounds cool, like LA symphony's "end is now".
It's the skit in episode 9 with the Dave Chappelle 2 minute special; right after Blackzilla. That music is used every time he is introduced before an episode.
I'm looking for the hip hop one that plays throughout most of the skit. And also, I really liked the song in the background of his 2-minute skit, mocking how Comedy Central doesn't pay him enough. Thanks for the feedback.
The music used in the Blackzilla skit is a rap song called "Simon Says" by Pharoahe Monch.

If it sounds familiar to you, that's probably because the song's beat is based on a sample from the "Godzilla" theme music. Have you ever seen any "Godzilla" movies?
The intro song used before every episode is the instrumental version of "Hip-Hop" by Dead Prez (yes, that's actually the song's title).

In Episode 9, I believe Stickman (the producer for Dead Prez) did a remix version exclusively for that skit. The riff sounds similar, just played at a different pitch.
FINALLY, at long last, somebody on the Dave Chappelle forums found it! (No, it wasn't me - even though I wish it had been :D). I'll give all of the you the same message I posted for someone else on IMDB:

All of the songs in the AND1 sketch were from an indy label called Etheric Records. Not all have been found yet, but the first song (the one heard during the baseball part) is called "Spoiled" by Khalito.

Visit and you can listen to "Spoiled" and other songs they did.
Does anyone know the title of the song Wyclef played on Chappelle Show last night? The chorus went something like "I'd be elected on Friday, Assasinated on Saturday.."? Or maybe where I can find a list of songs that have been on Chappelle Show since I usually end up liking the music at the end of most shows. Thanks.
The song was called "If I Was President." I believe it was only for Chappelle's Show that night.
I think it was "If I was President" - Man has Wyclef really gone down since the Fugees