Blonde Moments


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No offense to youse blondes.. but here is mine

I was chilling with a friend looking at her pictures on the wall and I'm like ''ooo who are those little boys?'' and she said ''my nephews'' and I said ''cool do you have any siblings?''

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hahaha...that's like every moment of my life. it's the combination of a.d.d and the inclination to daydream more than the average person.
You know in India, the children of our cousins are considered our nephews and nieces as well...I have nephews who were born before my parents had my sister or me....

but that's in India....
Born in India, lives in Australia.

I remember this blonde moment I had over the summer. It was like a Curb Your Enthusiasm moment too. :rolleyes:

My husband came with me to this party thing at my dad's, which was the first family function he'd been to in.. like, ever. And he didn't know any of my step-mother's family, so I was introducing him to all these people.

So there's this guy standing around while the introductions are goin down and I don't wanna be rude by leaving him out, but I'm thinking "Shit, I can't remember this guy's name."

So I said "This is Missy's (my step-aunt) son.. honey I'm really sorry, I forget your name."

And he goes "Actually I'm Steph's (my step-sister) boyfriend, and I've never met you before."

:lol: :lol: Ooops.
Ok I dont know if this is really a ''moment'' but it was pretty funny. I was at the glass place and there was this decoration with sand in it and I'm all playing with talking to the guys.. and I said ''how do you make glass'' as I was watching the sand slip from my hands.. they were like :mellow:
:mellow: He really really likes seeing girls make fools of themselves.