Blonde Moments

Originally posted by Enyone@Oct 28 2005, 01:19 PM
:lol: one time i had my mom's set of keys at work and there was this black thing on it.. i'd never seen it and i didn't know what i was. Well two of my friends were at the bar and they were playing with it.. and all of a sudden everyone started to choke and cough and eyes turned all red and watery.. and everyone was like omg where is coming from?!!

:blush: my mommy had mace

But! My GM is sooo pissed off at that stunt that employees were not allowed at the bar for a loooooong time.. (a week) ;)
OMG that was you??? That happened once when I was at a bar, everyone in the place started coughing around the same time and it turned out that someone accidently sprayed mace. :huh:
:lol: :lol: Yea man it even go tback to the kitchen! Everyone was like :angry: Erika!!

But if I was a customer I would have been pissed off..