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I need help to find three songs. Let's start with the first. A girl who singing at an office. She was in love with a guy at the office. She always looked at him and he didn't pay attention to her, lol :D Lastly, her boss fired her from the office because she didn't pay attention to her work, lol! She was wearing office clothes and she had blonde-orange hair. I saw this music video around 2005 and 2006, I think :D This music video was played on an Italian music channel, but the song was sung in English. I also think this song was popular in the USA and it's a pop-techno song. Second, a girl who was dressed as a cat and some paparazzi who wore black security clothes were taking pictures of her. She was walking catwalk, I think. By the way, it's an old song. Third, a girl who was dressed as a metal robot, lol! This song was very popular on VH1 and it's an old song. That was all I remembered. I hope that you can help me :DD Bye <33 By the way, I'm new here :cool:
I don't know about the first one, but could the other two be Lady Gaga "Papparazzi" and Emily Osment's "Lovesick"?