Blonde Moments

I'll be wearing my Mask Of Death so be ready for that. You might need to stock up on some health potions before I arrive or put your moonwells on auto-heal.
I'm coming to stab you remember? You don't need an invitation for that.
I'm wearing the Mask Of Death. I will punch your door until it breaks.
Yeah.. well.. I have a Black Lab Of Death and he'll snack on your crotch.
I'm also wearing the iridesent nut cup of justice so...

try again.
OK then, feast on my Shiny Can Of Mace and 911 Call Of Destroying Destruction.
Originally posted by dascoot@Oct 28 2005, 01:46 PM
OK then, feast on my Shiny Can Of Mace and 911 Call Of Destroying Destruction.
I got maced once by a cop or maybe it was pepper there even a difference?

and yeah, it hurts.

tastes good but...
I got it mostly in my eyes and nose, but i got some in my mouth, and the bit i did get to taste (in between my eyes burning) was pretty good! Hell it'd go well with any food!

It would be the stupidest seasoning ever, but if you ever get the chance, I reckon everyone should try it on some pizza or something at least once...

but that's just me...
And, as a side note for all you preeverts out there, it's a great way to build up an immunity! :woo:
I betcha it tastes like sticking your tongue to a 9v battery times a jillion. :)
I meant the sensation x a jillion. I guess either way it works out, the math is pretty solid. :eek:k:
:lol: one time i had my mom's set of keys at work and there was this black thing on it.. i'd never seen it and i didn't know what i was. Well two of my friends were at the bar and they were playing with it.. and all of a sudden everyone started to choke and cough and eyes turned all red and watery.. and everyone was like omg where is coming from?!!

:blush: my mommy had mace

But! My GM is sooo pissed off at that stunt that employees were not allowed at the bar for a loooooong time.. (a week) ;)