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hey guys,
i'm curious to find out what the song (or theme) used in the transitional promo clips on the lower left screen with the heading: "Next eposide" - .

much appreciated.
I came late so not sure if it's the same song playing currently on their promo for the new episode Colonial Day? If it is then it definately sounds like it is off the album. Has the same tone and theme. But I listen to my Battlestar Galactica composer Richard Gibbs weekly and I have yet to hear it on any of the tracks. I even played it against track 22 - The Sense of Six and it is not that track. Again this is all pertaining to the current song playing against the promo. If there was a different one played when this thread was started then ignore my info B)
FilmSail: The music I'm looking for is the music that plays whenever SciFi shows a promo clip for the upcoming episode. It's got violins, with an almost 'psycho'-esque crescendo at the end. The music on the WEBSITE promo for Colonial Day (with drums, etc) is NOT the same. (I'm not sure if everyone here is looking for the same music, but the drums is not the music I'm looking for, at any rate.)

techieyann: The "Sense of Six" music sounds familiar, and I think it was used for some promos near the beginning of the series....but I've only listened to the Amazon clip and it doesn't contain the part that's used in the current promos.
I've done a ton of Googling for this and found nothing. I've been to more than a few BSG and Alias forums and no one seems to know at any I've been to.

I did email Bear McCreary, the guy composing a bunch of the original music for BSG to see if he knows what the song is. I'm still awaiting a reply from him.
I think this music comes from (or at least was also used in) a Discovery Channel special called "Megaquake" but I cannot find anything on even who wrote that, as imdb does not have a listing for that documentary... anyone?

Just this week I saw this song on a Law and Order: Criminal Intent promo if that's any help. A friend also told me he saw it on a Prison Break promo. Don't know if this will help find it, but it can't hurt.
GOT IT!!! :D


The song is
Requiem for a Bad Dream (Joseph Saba, Stewart Winter)

It is indeed part of a commercial-only catalogue for TV production.

The catalogue is called VideoHelper, and the particular set is called "Dramaticus."


Now good luck finding it!

Thank you so much!

I had been racking my brain for several months to figure this little bit of music out.


All the music on this CD sounds BSG-like.

Thanks again!
On the Season Finale of Battlestar Galactica (Crossroads pt.1) All Along the Watchtower was used throughout the episode. Though its not the typical Dylan or Hendrix version. Any one know who did the cover for the episode??
Was that the song that was being played at the end of the final episode as those four people left the room and Lee Adama flew into space??? Cus if so... I definintely need to know the name of that song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Originally posted by femibrim@Mar 25 2007, 09:01 PM
Was that the song that was being played at the end of the final episode as those four people left the room and Lee Adama flew into space??? Cus if so... I definintely need to know the name of that song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes it was played extensively in tonight's (3/25) season finale at the end. I must have this cover!!!
I will point you to the All Along The Watchtower Wiki entry:

"An interstellar / Indian themed version of the song haunts the characters Saul Tigh, Galen Tyrol, Samuel Anders, and Tory Foster throughout the season 3 finale of Battlestar Galactica. How and why this happened is unknown. The cover version heard in the last minute of the episode is performed by Bt4, brother of series composer Bear McCreary."
I'm guessing this song is going to be impossible to come by. It better be on the season 3 soundtrack!
Bear McCreary's Blog has a fascinating write-up on how he created this cover version.

"Next month, I'm in the studio working on the Battlestar Galactica Season 3 soundtrack album (which will definitely have All Along the Watchtower on it!). Our release date will be mid-August, to coincide with the DVD release."
Ive has the season 3 finale on my TiVo box for last few weeks and I just watched if a few days ago and I was really digging that track at the end. Reminded my the music from Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. I will most certainly have to get that soundtrack when it hits stores.

The dude who posted the video says the music is from Battlestar Galactica. Being that there's a lot of different soundtracks out for that show, and I never watch it myself, is there anyone on here who recognizes specific songs/albums, etc?

Hey, I'm a fan of the show and I have all 3 soundtracks. The song is the extended theme to the entire show, played at the beginning of every ep. I know I have it and I'm 95% sure it's on the first season soundtrack. They're all good and very similar so that accounts for the 5%.