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Can someone possibly name the piece - or even the style of music - being used in the TV teaser spot featured here?

It sounds like traditional Indian music, but I may be wrong. I really like the vocalist too. Any pointers on what this piece is, or where I might find others like it, much appreciated...
Although it is not it, you asked for other music like the BSG trailer and one you would like along that same line is the music from Galdiator by Hans Zimmer with vocals by Lisa Gerrard.

I would even go so far as to guess that the trailer is music by the same two but it would take one of the other people in the forum to tell you that. I am only here for the coffee.
While trying to hunt down this song I went to and found this cd for an apparently newly composed BSG miniseries score:

I listened to all 26 sample tracks and none of them sounded like the track used in the trailer. They did sound similar however.

Has anyone else had more luck on this?
There's a violin solo cue used in all the tv spots for the Battlestar Galactica show on the sci fi channel. It's not from the mini-series or the show. I heard something very similar on a Discovery Channel special called Megaquake. Does anyone know who composed this or where it could be found? Thanks
Have you got a link. If you dont, try searching some Battlestar Galactica fan sites.

Fan sites have everything. I know...i love film trailer...if some new footage from a trailer/film airs in Iraq..its on the net within 10 min :D

I liked one of the songs i heard in a TV Spot for the show...i think it went something like techno "Space Man'..just kept on repeating it over and over...ive never seen the show so i dont know if its the theme song for it or not
No, these trailers do not seem to be online. This music is used primarily for the "next on Battlestar Galactica" spots that follow each episode on the Sci Fi channel.

if it's just a tv commercial, and not a real trailer or teaser, then isn't there a lopt of chance that the music in the spot is from the movie itself?
There's a chance, but it's not. I've heard the music for the miniseries and the tv show, and its not it. I did hear what I think might be it in a Discovery Channel special called Megaquake, so I was looking for anyone who knew something about the music in that.

The music can also be heard on the online versions of the TV spots, at, clicking on "Next Episode" in the lower-left corner. It's also been used lately on the "next episode" promos for ABC's "Alias" that air after each episode.

Good Luck!
Does anyone know what the music is that's been in use lately in the
Battlestar Galactica promo ads on the SciFi channel? I also heard it in a commercial
for Psychic Detectives on Court TV a few weeks ago. The other day I heard it in an
ad for the show Prison Break.
It's probably production music from Video Helper, Inc. ( Production music from Video Helper has been used in other "Battlestar Galactica" commercials ("Requiem For A Bad Dream" from the disc called "Dramaticus").
I've checked everywhere on that site (I listened to probably 100+ tracks off various different scores) and none of them seemed to be it.. maybe I'm missing something. But you're right they do appear to have done Battlestar Galactica songs before, how did you find that out? Or were you looking for songs too and found out? Hehe, they often have some great songs on there, and Bear McCreary who does the soundtracks for the episodes themselves is excellent.

Thanks for the help, any more ideas if that's not it?
The song that I wrote about, "Requiem For A Bad Dream" from Video Helper, was posted by someone on this site in December. You can't find the post when you do a search, since it's been so long ago. You could spend days searching all the tracks on all the production music websites.

You may try writing to the SCIFI Channel, that would probably be the best way. Of course, they may not respond. If you do find out, let me know.
It was shown during Scifi Channel's Eureka premier, and it's a rock song with the words "I'm Falling" in it; sounds a little like Hero from the Spiderman 2 soundtrack
Hi, I would like to know the name of the song used in the Battlestar Galactica Season 3 commercial that played at the end of Eureka on 9/12.

Heres the ad Youtube link

Whoops. I meant to say "No its NOT the nickelback song". The links still valid though.
battlestar gallactica bsg newest season begins fri oct 06 2006

need title/ group of song in commercial

sounds like nickelback but i am not sure "something leave this life behind "
if anyone knows please post