sci fi

  1. ImKetchupMF


    It was sometime between 2000 - 2002 that I saw a promo for the Sci-Fi Channel series called Exposure, and this only ran at the end credits of a film they'd show. It was a montage of short films to be seen during the show, and in it played this very upbeat electronic score that I still remember...
  2. bobbidigital

    SyFy Imagine Greater

    There's a commercial promoting the change to the new name. The "Sci-Fi" logo is hanging from a pair of strings and there is a white house. (This is all animation by the way) Then a few flowers spring to life on the left side of the screen. There pedals start to spin like windmills and it blows...
  3. jca

    Sci Fi Channel is now SyFy

    For some reason the Sci Fi Channel has changed it's name to SyFy. :unsure:
  4. B

    Sanctuary on Sci Fi

    Anybody seen the ads for this new show on the SciFi network? I'd like to know the song featured in it; it has the words 'night time'. Or should it be 'nighttime'?!
  5. H

    Sci Fi Channel 2008 promo

    this is a first post from me but not the only. i like this site a lot, you all are really good about what music is being used where. and so i was wondering if anyone has seen the new '08 promos for the scifi channel and what song is being used there. its and up tempo rock song. cant remember...
  6. W


    Does anyone know the name of the song the sci fi channel is playing with their new SG-1/SGA trailer for the new seasons? all i know of the song is that its rock, its not real new, and the lyrics are or sound like "rock with me, rock with me, rock with me, yeaaah" I tried to do a lyric search on...
  7. A

    Battlestar Galactica

    hey guys, i'm curious to find out what the song (or theme) used in the transitional promo clips on the lower left screen with the heading: "Next eposide" - . much appreciated.
  8. G

    Battlestar Galactica

    Can someone possibly name the piece - or even the style of music - being used in the TV teaser spot featured here? It sounds like traditional Indian music, but I may be wrong. I really like the vocalist too. Any pointers on what this piece...
  9. X

    Sci Fi Channel "Imagination Lives"

    Sci Fi Channel "Imagination Lives" Ok I MUST find this song! It is beautiful! I have heard people say it is "Nara" by ES posthumus (sp?) but it ISN'T! During the lovely clip show it has the words: Imagination lives in the mind In the Skin In the Spirit In Hopes In the Soul Imagination lives In...