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There's a commercial promoting the change to the new name.

The "Sci-Fi" logo is hanging from a pair of strings and there is a white house. (This is all animation by the way)

Then a few flowers spring to life on the left side of the screen. There pedals start to spin like windmills and it blows the Sci-fi logo off screen. The house lights up with a bright sunshine like color. The words Imagine Greater come up on screen and then the new "SyFy" logo.

I'm just really really curious what song is playing in this. I tried to use Shazam but it wasn't recognized. I hope it wasn't a custom track.
The credits for the clip are listed under the info tab.

New Id for blind fir SyFy


Client: NBC Universal/Syfy Channel

Title: 4 x :15 IDs, Windmill, Castle, Horse and Lion

Airdate: Currently airing

Production/Design/VFX Company: Blind Visual Propaganda, Santa Monica/NYC

Creative Director: Richard Eng

Exec. Producer: Nick Litwinko

Producers: Meredith Binder, Nick Litwinko

Designers: Mike Schaeffer, Richard Eng

Technical Director: Rich Magan

3D Animation: Justin Kurtz, Jason Goodman, Eddy Estevez, Rich Magan, Mike Schaeffer

3D Modeling/Rigging: Piotr Glabinski, Eddy Estevez, Rich Magan

Lighting/Texture: Eddy Estevez

2D & Compositing Lead: Mike Schaeffer

2D Compositing Artists: Bowe King, Richard Eng

Storyboard Artist: Colin McGreal

Advertising Agency (In-house): NBC Universal/Syfy Channel, NYC

VP Creative Marketing: Michael Engleman

Director of On-Air & Off-Air Marketing: Kate Leonard

Creative Director: Joe Loskywitz

Senior Writer/Producer: Brian Everett

Copywriter: Ben Cochran

Project Manager/On-Air Promotions: Kari Shackelton