1. A

    SyFy commercial "See anything strange"

    There was a commercial circa 2009 on SyFy that would play as I watched Harper's Island. It was an edit with their different shows and I recall it saying "see anything, anything strange, strange, see anything, see anything strange what's going on in the neighborhood" and then "someone just got...
  2. C

    Wynonna Earp

    Does someone know this song?
  3. leo55

    The Magicians

    Great show that expertly (imo) employs the use of catchy tunes; mostly house & alt. pop. I'm particularly interested in one song during the middle and end of this video . It sounds a bit like a remix of Chet Faker's 1998 but I haven't been able to ID by ear or app. Anyone willing to point me in...
  4. C

    Wynonna Earp

    What is the name of the song?
  5. B

    Syfy @ San Diego Comic-Con 2015

    I've seen this ad so many times on TV, almost every ad break on syfy plays it >.<, and I'm desperate to find the song. It's been stuck in my head for days lol. This is the ad that syfy Aus put up themselves and I've commented but I have high doubts that they actually monitor activity on that...
  6. A

    The Expanse

    View: Audiomachine - Blood and Stone Remix
  7. C


    Would anybody know the name of the promo song used in the continuum season 2 episode 13 promo? Its also used in a wrestling promo. I cant find it no matter what :0 Continuum WWE Promo
  8. C


    Defiance "New Earth. New Rules" trailer Does anyone know the Song?
  9. B

    Being Human

    Anybody know this song? Being Human Season 3 Episode 11 "If I Only Had Raw Brain"
  10. moneyguy

    Alphas on SyFy

    Just found this show and watched all 11 episodes. Anyone know the music playing while Dr. Rosen is talking to Congress?
  11. T

    Lost Girl

    Does anyone know the song in the Syfy 'Free Agent' promo for Lost Girl? Or does anyone remember hearing it in a different promo or trailer? It sounds so familiar. The promo can be viewed here:
  12. F

    Being Human

    Anyone know the song used in this teaser? Thanks!
  13. S

    Alphas on SyFy

    Looking for the song in this Promo. Alphas - The Brain is Amazing - S1 Promo
  14. G


    Anyone know the background song starting around 11:15 from the video below?
  15. W

    Warehouse 13

    Season 2 Promos 2x2: (Mild Mannered) "The Clash" - Liquid Cinema ------------------------------------------------------------------- 2x3: (Beyond Our Control) "Let The Battle Commence" - West One Music "Dark Tower" - Extreme Music...
  16. N

    Fact or Faked Paranormal Files

    I really would like to know the song in this recent Syfy show commercial :)
  17. J


    I wanted to know what the song was called in the Syfy commercial, "Haven - Everyones Hiding". The commercial is about the show Haven, is 31 seconds long.. It is a new show, not aired yet.
  18. T

    Caprica Season 1

    From: 1x03 "Reins Of A Waterfall" What is the electronica-type song during the v-club scene? Thank you in advance for any help w/ identifying this song.
  19. S

    Syfy Weekend Movies

    Dear All, I recently stumbled across a promo on the SyFy channel for their weekend movie line-up. It included some films like Men in Black and something about crazy large sharks jumping at airplanes, but in particular halfway through the promo the music changes and is just awesome. If anybody...
  20. S

    Syfy 2010

    Does anyone know what song they use in the Syfy spot where they preview the new shows and the new episodes that are coming in 2010? Toward the end of the ad, there are shots of Ghost Hunters Academy, and before that, I remember shots from Caprica. I first saw it during the premiere of "Alice"...