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Does anyone know the name of the song the sci fi channel is playing with their new SG-1/SGA trailer for the new seasons? all i know of the song is that its rock, its not real new, and the lyrics are or sound like "rock with me, rock with me, rock with me, yeaaah"

I tried to do a lyric search on google but couldn't find it.. Thanks
anyone out there know this song? it might be "walk with me" or.. something "with me" anyone at all?
Anyone know the song they play during those new Stargate/Atlantis commercials on the Sci Fi channel? They've been running them all day.

I know I heard one that had The Vines - Ride. That song was also used in an Apple Ipod Commercial, just FYI.
Hmm... that doesn't seem to be it. I'm very bad at picking out lyrics. They seem to be singing "Wild... something" :)
I came here to find out, and saw you were interested.

It's Embassy- Gravity :)
Stargate Universe

Ok I am looking for the song that starts in Stargate Universe trailer. Its more an instrumental type of song. I already know the name of the rock song used in the trailer, but am also curious about the song that ends the trailer. PLEASE HELP!!!
Stargate SGU Music

What's the choral music that plays before the song Gravity by Embassy in the trailer?
Re: Stargate SGU Music

OK, i believe the song your looking for is an original piece by Steve Jablonsky for the movie "The Island". I'm trying to find the song right now.

OK, the choral song that plays within the first 30 to 45 seconds of the trailer sounds like something Steve Jablonsky wrote, but later on it switches to a different pace, making me think there two different songs played before Embassy's "Gravity".
Stargate Universe Trailer

I didn't see a thread for this. So what is the music in the trailer"Before Gravity by Embassy" plays.

I already have the Embassy song, but the one I am looking for is also the instrumental piece before the Embassy song plays. Been looking for over a month and a half for that song and cant find it anywhere!!! Plz help!
Stargate Universe Trailer music

Anyone know what the music is from the first half of the SGU trailer?
Re: Stargate Universe

Anyone know the song in this trailer I haven't been able to id it.

Stargate Universe Further Spot

Can anybody tell me what song is played at the beginning of this trailer?