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There is a tune that is used in a number of TV shows, and adverts and I really cannot find out what it is!!

It is currently being used in the Pearl Drop Instant White advert and, to me, sounds like Goldfrapp - I may be wrong!! You can see the advert and hear the music by clicking on the following link:, I hope this helps!!

I have also heard the tune used in promos for the Sci Fi Channel and Gray's Anatomy on Living, as well as in numerous programmes on Channel 4 including Superskinny vs Supersize, Gok's Fashion Fix and The Sex Education Show.

If anyone can help me out I would be so grateful!!

Thanks guys!!
Do you still want to know the name of this song?

I know what it is.
i've been after this song for ages. first heard it on motors tv best of crash, and thought deffo alison goldfrapp.
lyrics were " i'll take you to fantasy. come with me".
searched the internet but no luck.
please tell us what it is. (don't say strict machine).
regards sossybaby.
The song is called "Fantasy" and is a very rare song to find, as I found out.

I don't even think it has been released in the charts before.

The song is sung by Sandi Thom, you know her who sings "I wish I was a Punk Rocker with flowers in my hair".

The song you are after can be found at this site:

Search for "Sandi Thom" and then click on "Fantasy" when you see the results displayed.

You can preview the full song, or download the song, from here.

Hope this helps.
never heard of her.
but yes you were correct so thanks very much.
regards sossybaby.

i was right about it sounding like goldfrapp though. ;)
Thanks for answering my original question!! I'm glad I finally have an answer after a good few months of trying!!