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    I’m looking for the Music used in the UK-Trailer-Version of the movie Monster (2023) from Hirokazu Kore-eda: The piece of music starts at 0:33 (Violin, Cello): View: I was looking everywhere for hours, but didn’t found anything. Maybe someone can...
  2. A

    Fox's Biscuits

    Does anyone know the music from the latest foxes advert?
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    Channel 4 Drama

    Hi I was watching the channel 4 app last week and there was a song that was used in an advert for channel 4 drama. I've just heard it again on a you tube advert while listening to an album. I know this is a long shot but I am trying like hell to find out what it is. It's quite dark and morbid...
  4. L

    "Brakes On" by Air

    Does anyone know what advert 'Breaks On' by Air was used on in the UK pre-2002?
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    "Men in Black" song in advert

    What advert (uk) used the Men in Black/Patrice Rushen tune?
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    Frylight "Get Dinner Going"

    View: Does anyone know the song used for frylight get dinner going advert from 2022
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    Fox’s Biscuits

    Hi can anyone help me with the tune that is played during the Fox’s biscuit (double chocolate) advert Thanks
  8. J

    UK Raffaello advert

    There is an advert in the UK for Raffaello ice creams on a stick. I would like to know the track and artist please. Many thanks
  9. C

    Ford "Very Gay Raptor Redefining Tough"

  10. W

    Interflora UK "The Question"

    Played in the ad shown on TV, named 'The Question' on their youtube channel: View: Anyone know? Thanks
  11. Z

    F&F Women's Clothing

    Does anyone know the name of and the name of the recording artist who did the excellent contemprary r 'n' b ad song used for an F & F Women's Clothing TV ad that was released around 2016? I think it was a bikini ad.
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    Three UK Sponsors Gogglebox

    Looking for the ringtone from this Three mobile commercial from the UK. It occurs at about the 46 second mark. View: Thanks...
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    Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman

    The background track is the rendition of the great escape theme. Do you know whose behind the version in the trailer?
  14. Guest

    Britain's Got Talent

    Does anyone know the music at the end of video? Tried searching it by lyrics I heard, but it didn't gave any results. Song is catchy and would love to know what is it.
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    Soft & Gentle

    I'm trying to identify the backing track to an advert which appeared on UK television in 2014. Made for the Soft & Gentle brand, it is still visible on youtube at this URL: The vocals sound Marvin Gaye -ish. It's a last resort, as I'm usually quite good at tracking down ad music, but can't...
  16. K

    Lynx Hair Products

    Hi there, I'm looking for the tittle of song from this commercial
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    100k House Final Fix At exactly 33m51s until 34m 21s in tonight's program (100k House The Final Fix on BBC2) some brief piano/ strings music - been looking for this track for a while and I know it's fairly well-known as I've heard...
  18. Herd

    UK TV channel 5 "Crime at 9"

    Been wondering for awhile now what the UK TV channel 5 USA's ad for 'Crime at 9' song is. Thanks a million in advance!
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    Off Their Rockers

    i want to know the song when they talk about red not to far into how and the singing song after whats it called please i would dearly love to know the music and song to this please reply thanks
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    Mr Porter Kingsman A New Brand for the Modern Gentleman

    Hi all, My first post so I do apologise if its in the wrong section. Mr Porters are the providers of the suits and clothing for Kingsman: The Secret Service (really fun film by the way), and the advert they have has a song in it which I cant seem to find, either via Shazam or Sony's Track ID...