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There's this Yamaha ATV commercial (last time I saw it was on SPIKE)

It has an electric guitar, but sounds like an electronic/techno genre.

It's driving me crazy because I've had my finger on my DVD recorder button and the commercial won't repeat... first time that's ever happened... <_<
I am looking for the name of that song or artist as well. Someone please help us. I do have a little information to add.

The subject of the commercial is:
The Yamaha
Why wait?
Sales Event

I last saw the commercial on TLC Thu Oct. 30 around 8:30p.m. eastern time. I think I have also seen it on the Discovery channel as well.

The song sounds very familiar to me. I think its a hard rock/metal song from a few years ago that has been chopped up or re-recorded without the lyrics. For some reason the lyrics "It's like hook!" stick out in my head as being said just before, or as, the main guitar riff kicks in. I cant find anything on the Internet about a hard rock/metal song that has those lyrics, so I am probably wrong about the "hook" part.

I am sure that there is a song that was recorded once upon a time with that guitar riff where the vocalist says "It's like ______!" as the riff loops.

For all that is holy please help us find this song!
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Here ya go. It was in the wiki listing for songs from Lost Boys 2. Had to go through them. I was looking too - you sent me in the right direction. I thought remembered it from a video game I played....

Lol i was just gonna post the anwser and i just heard this song this morning after playing need for speed most wanted
Re: Yamaha ATV Commercial

Thanks belboz and jca. This was beginning to drive me crazy. Thanks alot.
Yamaha ATV-2

OK. I'm resurrecting this string because I would really like to know if the actual track used in the commercial is available. To quote the original post, "It has an electric guitar, but sounds like an electronic/techno genre." More to the point, it sounds like a track from a game like 4x4EVO, or some other driving game.

The Styles of Beyond track rocks, but it's not the one from the ad.

Can somebody help?