Outback Steakhouse


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I'll start by saying I'm not referring to the "Of Montreal" one. I've had what I believe to be an old Outback Steakhouse commercial song stuck in my head for a while now. I'd love if anyone could help me find a commercial with this jingle in it somewhere. I believe the lyrics are, "Outback Steakhouse, gonna have a good time." No one I've sung it for can say for sure they remember it, most are certain they've never heard it. I spent several days watching Outback Steakhouse commercials on YouTube trying to find it, with no success.

So I figured I should just buy a didgeridoo and record myself playing what I remember the jingle sounding like, upload it, and hope that it will ring a bell for someone who hears it.

That is here: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0FweUuRVAbh

Hopefully this is allowed, it's all me, recorded myself, just from what I remember the jingle sounding like. And hopefully someone recognizes it, it's driving me slightly mad. Thanks so much for reading, and thanks for your help.