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I would like to know the song from the new Xbox 360 commercial where they set up a 360 in public, with the TV and the couch, etc.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
What is the song is in the XBOX360 commercial that has kids singing.

The commercial has people in a parking lot. I think.
Anyone know the version and artist of "Nothing but a Good Time" by Poison featured in the commercial where the kids are singing it??
Anyone know the version of Nothing but a good time by posion on the commercial where the kids sing it?
Pretty sure it was made for the ad and isn't available. Sorry no one came right out and said it in the thread you were already linked to.
Okay does anyone know where I can find the version of "Nothin But A Good Tiime" thats on the XBOX commercial? I think its sung by a youth choir. Thanks!