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Okay. This is an ad, but it's on a website. I think I've heard this tune on a television ad.

When you visit the Origen Xbox 360 site, a very simple tune plays. Can anyone identify it, or any of the other tunes on the site? They seem painfully familiar...Origen Xbox 360
i believe it is from the danny elfman score for edward scissorhands seen on quite a few television commercials dont know that exact track though
i can assure you that it is not from the edward scissorhands score, i have the cd and that does not sound like any song on it.
I just listened to the tune for awhile, and it's only about 10 seconds of looped audio...why is it so haunting?
i love this haunting little piece too now. i found a tune that sounds soo soo very close to it, but it's not it. but thought y'all might like this one anyhow.
the theme song from the movie To Kill A Mockingbird.

it's the first song on the list. at the end of the sound clip is where it really sounds similar to the song in the Xbox ad.
what do you think about this?

What is the name of the song in the opening title... with the tree... and the jazzish one?
you might be in the wrong forum here. I don't know the song though, but Xbox 360 is AWESOME!!! :D
I swear I've heard that music before. The one with the tree. In a commercial I think... yeah I'm pretty sure. Maybe a car commercial... In my head I keep hearing "In a world where....(everything matters?)" I don't know.
Not sure either...catchy little tune.
It was asked here already too, but no answers yet.
Ya... I think that the song in the album is the same song on the website, just at a slower bpm... Microsoft has the greatest ads... They make me emotional... I dont know why... I almost burst out in tears from their design competition ads... (im too lazy to make it a link...
hey... steve jobs is one of my idols, but i still respect bill gates...
The music at the tree kind of sounds like a version of "Time in a Bottle" by Jim Croce.