XBOX 360 Summer Blockbusters (Clay animation)


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This spot for XBOX 360 Summer Blockbusters features an artist sculpting clay. My first thought about the music was that it was like RJD2, but with less hip-hop influence. My recollection could be far off, but I'd love to know the name/artist of that tune.

Here is an Article from ADWEEK about the XBOX spot that includes a still frame.
Thanks for the video link. Does anyone recognize that tune?
I can't figure it out!! Nobody on the entire internet has any idea of where this song comes from?! :blink:

Ok, that's it! I'm emailing xbox!!! I'll post the reply here when (and if) I get it.
Update: My email was forwarded to the correct department. Let everyone know as soon as I get a response!
Of course, this department doesn't have the answer either. So I'm calling on monday...gotta love Microsoft!
the track was composed for the commercial and produced by Elias Arts out of their Santa Monica.
Sorry I hit sent too quickly.
Elias produced the track out of their Santa Monica office.
Dave Wittman was the composer.

How do I know?
I'm the producer of the spot.

glad you enjoyed it.